This is Halloween

As I write to you halfway through a Kit Kat and Snickers induced candy coma, I reflect on how utterly perfect the evening has been. I can't decide what was the best part of trick or treating: dressing us as Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, meandering through neighborhoods filled to the brim with bewitching decorations, or even just the bounty of sweets that filled my bag. Although I commonly hear that I'm too old to enjoy this holiday, I disagree. There is no age limit on having fun, especially on a night like this. Even if the holiday loses its spells of witches and ghosts, spending time with the people you care about is the only magic needed. I had such a wonderful and spooky time with my friends and can't wait until next year. Happy Halloween everyone, and don't eat too much candy!!



Sadie Jane Travels: Maryland

Hello everyone! This past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling the the beautiful state of Maryland. I stayed just outside of Baltimore, and my visit to Annapolis and Georgetown left quite an impression on me. Due to my interest in history and civics, I adore this part of our country. Annapolis still holds an air of history about it, even in today's modern age. Meandering through the cobblestone streets and breathing the crisp air was lovely. It seemed that every corner I turned lead me to a new piece of antiquity waiting to be dusted off and explored. This charming town lies on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, which was settled by the well-known Englishman John Smith. While adventuring in this picturesque haven, he wrote "Heaven and Earth have never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation". With its cool, crisp Autumn weather and lovely views, I could not agree more. 

Our visit to Georgetown was yet another wonderful experience. Shopping along its seemingly endless streets was the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. Scattered amongst the big-name shops (Free People, Lush, and Urban Outfitters, to name a few of my favorites) were a few quaint independent stores like L'Enfant Galerie. This charming shop was filled to the brim with antiques and old paintings perfect for wandering through. I felt as if I was lost in beautiful art pieces, vintage china, and even old flags. It was such a lovely experience, and I can't wait to return again.

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A Cozy Abode

Although I adore passing away the time outside, there is nothing quite like a cozy night spent indoors curled up with a cat and good book. I love coming home to a lovely, clean room, especially when it expresses who I am as a person. Lately I've been really feeling the vibes of my bedroom and its autumn decor, so I thought I would share it with you all. Hopefully it will inspire you to add a few fall decorations to your abode and enjoy your time inside!

Above is an overview of my bedroom. I'm currently obsessed with the pretty fox pillow seated in my chair. It brings in a bit of warmth to my room and the colors are perfect for fall!

My bed is perhaps my favorite part of my room (partially because it's so comfy, partially because it's so cute) and I adore my eclectic collections that I displayed overhead. I found the pendant at a vintage store, the constellation wheel was a gift, and the art and polaroids I've taken or bought during my travels.

My art wall is perhaps the most prominent representation of my style in my room. I love the vintage paint-by-number piece that I picked up at a vintage store and it pairs perfectly with the various prints that I've collected over the years.

Although my desk is where I complete my dreaded homework, I still enjoy the books, bits, and bobbles that adorn it. My vintage lamp provides a little more light, and my pumpkin string lights add a cute fall touch.

No desk is complete without a candle and mason jars! These containers make great pencil and pen holders. Plus, they're adorable!

Mini pumpkins are another adorable autumn decoration. They bring a bit of color onto my bookshelf and last quite a while!

For when my iTunes library just isn't hitting the spot, I keep my beloved record player on my bookshelf. Some of my favorite vinyl jams are Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stephens and An Awesome Wave by alt-J.

Just like my art wall, I use this mood board to express myself. I change out the small art pieces and letters frequently, and sometimes even add in dried flowers or leaves.

Atop my dresser I keep my perfume, flowers, my favorite jewelry pieces, and, of course, a pumpkin. I also hung my embroidery hoop that I purchased at the Indie Craft Parade as another decoration.

My vanity area is has yet another (surprise, surprise) art wall. I keep a calendar at easy access so that I can see what I have for planned the day and week ahead, and I display some of my own artwork, too!

I hope you enjoyed my room tour and I hope it inspired you! What do you love about your room? Tell me on Instagram!



Halloween & Fall Favorites

With chilly temperatures and pumpkins adorning my front porch, I'm thrilled for the month of October and its spooky holiday vibes. It gives me the perfect excuse to string up my Halloween decor and jam out to some autumn acoustics, or even watch a scary movie. For this amazing time of year, I've picked out some of my fashion, media, and otherwise lovely favorites. I hope you enjoy!


One of my favorite Autumn accessories has been my flannel from Urban Outfitters. It's currently on sale and is the perfect transition piece for this weather (freezing cold in the morning but sweltering hot in the afternoon). It pairs perfectly with green and brown hues and I know that I'll be wearing it on repeat. I styled it in my previous post that you can read here.

Next, I've been in love with my Timex Watch. It makes any outfit look professional and matches nearly everything in my closet. 


If you haven't seen it yet, Netflix's Stranger Things is the perfect watch for the Halloween season. It's about a group of young friends in the 1980's searching for their friend who has been abducted into the "Upside Down". It's just the right amount of scary and funny and is a great binge watch this month.

This is an oldie but a goodie: Tim Burton's classic movie Beetlejuice!! I love the quirky nature of this film and it puts me in the Halloween mood.

Lastly in the media category, I have been in love with some of my classic Autumn jams. This season is perfect for listening to acoustic and calming tunes like Bon Iver or the Lumineers. You can listen to my Autumn playlist here.


Almost every year, I put "carve pumpkins" down on my fall bucket list and never check it off. This year, however, I made sure to complete this quintessential fall task and carved a night sky scene. It looks adorable on my front porch and can't wait to carve the others!

Since I am trying to cut my coffee intake, tea has been a must on chilly fall mornings. Not only are there so many delicious flavors, its quite beneficial to your health. My favorites are Tazo's Earl Grey Tea and the Harney & Sons Paris Tea.

Hiking has been another favorite of mine this season. It is the perfect time to trek outside and look at the beautiful leaves. Plus, it's great for your health!

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Autumn Hues

As the leaves begin to turn, the hues in my closet begins to turn as well. I am forced to ditch my denim shorts and crisp white shirts for warmer tones and flannels. While I am ready for a change in color, dressing for this odd time of year where it's too hot for sweaters but too cold for sundresses can be cumbersome. My go-to look is usually ripped jeans, a nice tee, and a flannel. While on vacation in Beaufort, South Carolina (see my post on my last visit here) I had a chance to wear this lovely Autumn look. I couldn't resist having a mini-photoshoot at a pumpkin patch tucked away in the heart of the beachside town. It was a perfect way to spend the first day of October, and I can't wait for the spooky movies and pumpkin spice lattes that this new month with hold.

jeans // the shirt is sold out, but here's an equally cute alternative // flannel