Warm Weather Jams

hello loves!

Now that Daylight Savings Time is officially in effect (let me just say that I am bitter over my lost sleep), there is no denying the arrival of Spring! It has been a bit cold lately in NC, reminding me of our earlier January days and leaving me fearful of snow. Spring Break is right around the corner, though, which means warm destinations lie ahead! Along with this, I will finally be getting my license this week! After a long (and agonizing) year of waiting, I will be able to take to the streets! One of my favorite things to do at the end of a long day or just for fun is to go on sunset drives! No ride is complete without a jam sesh, though, so today I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes for warmer weather. Whether you'll be lying on a sunny beach or driving, these tunes are perfect for the upcoming season. I hope you enjoy!

You can listen to these songs in playlist form on my Spotify here.



Springtime Photoshoots

Quite honestly, I don't think that there is any better way to spend a Saturday then with friends and a camera. Yesterday, OussaNichola, and I met up for a photoshoot! After sitting and chatting for a while we went around our area taking pictures and having fun. Even though it was a bit chilly, I tried to keep a springtime vibe throughout all of the outfits I chose! In my first look, I styled my favorite girlfriend jeans from Abercrombie with a faded green button up from J. Crew (similar). To accessorize, I added my lace up heels from Target. In my next look, I wore my favorite off-the-shoulder dress from Urban Outfitters (an equally cute alternative). I especially love this piece for warm weather outings and I can't wait to wear it to the beach! For my last look, I wore my trusty denim skirt from Forever 21 with a white ruffled cami! I also threw over my green button up and used a bandana from Madewell as a headband. I really enjoyed spending the day with such wonderful people and I can't wait to do it again!

ps- check out the last picture for a real life behind the scenes shot!

Happy Sunday loves! I hope this next week treats you well.