Winter Photoshoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of modeling for Luke Collins once again (see our summer shoot here) and although it was freezing outside, I had a wonderful time! We shot pictures at an abandoned house just outside of Saluda, NC and the resulting photos create an eerie vibe quite different from the images taken in the summer months. Despite the seasonal contrast, I loved how the photographs turned out! One of my favorite pieces from the shoot was the image of me kneeling down against a yellow wall. I adore the faded facade of the home's interior and how it was portrayed through Luke's images. Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

Thanks again to Luke for the wonderful opportunity! You can follow him on instagram here.

outfit: sweater in beige // jeans // vans in grape leaf



School & Life Organization

Hello everyone! With a new semester coming up, I have a renewed passion for keeping myself organized and on top of my assignments and commitments. I often find that if I don't remain organized and write homework and events down, I'll totally forget them. Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite ways to stay on top of things- inside and out of school!


For my schoolwork, I use an agenda from Rifle Paper Co (It's currently 20% off!) and it has been a lifesaver. At the beginning of each month, I write in all of my planned events in the calendar. I use the weekly spreads to keep track of all of my homework, club meetings, and sports events. I will write down my homework in order of importance, and once I get home I try to check everything off of my list.


This has been a lifesaver lately, especially with the stress of finals. I recently started bullet journalling, and I use it to budget, keep track of my blog posts, and even plan my outfits. I have a monthly layout, where I write down all of my personal plans and appointments. Then, I have a page for tracking my habits like the days I go vegan or when I do yoga. I also use this page to plan out my blog posts for the month. On the next sheet, I have my monthly budget as well as a monthly to-do list.  After these pages, I have my weekly spreads. I use these to make my daily lists of tasks and plan my meals and outfits. This has been extremely helpful for keeping my eating habits healthy and also taking away the stress of possibly forgetting something. This journal is also perfect for writing shopping or packing lists. If you would like to see a more in-depth post on my blog post, let me know!


One of my go-to study methods is using flashcards or Quizlet. I found this method especially helpful for my Chemistry class this past semester. Every day after class, I would make flashcards for what we learned and studied them daily. This made preparing for tests and eventually the final exam so much easier because I already had the study materials prepared and had been reviewing them. For my English vocabulary, I relied heavily on Quizlet. It is a quick and easy way to memorize words and I highly recommend it. Plus, making flashcards online saves paper!


My last tip is to have a good study playlist! I find it hard to focus while listening to songs with words, so I tend to stick to classical tunes or electronic songs. You can listen to some of my favorites here.

How do you stay organized? Tell me on Instagram!



Ten Things to do for Yourself

Hello everyone! With finals coming up, life has been quite stressful and I thought I would share ten easy ways to give yourself some "me time" and just unwind. It's important to take some time away from school or work to just relax. I hope these ideas inspire you to de-stress and get away from your everyday routine!


This has been my go-to relaxer for the past few weeks. Not only is it a good workout, but I'm lucky enough to live in the mountains of North Carolina, so I get to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sunset rides are a perfect way to de-stress and calm your mind after a long day.


It's easy to see how adult coloring books have became the new trend- they are fun, relaxing, and you are creating mini works of art! I recently picked up a coloring book called "Coloring for Contemplation". After I finish my homework, I will put on some calming music and color away! It is a wonderful way to relax and get your creative juices flowing.


One of my personal goals is to read for at least 15 minutes every night before I go to sleep. Reading is great for your mind, vocabulary, and imagination. Plus, it keeps me off of technology for the last part of the day, thus making it easier to fall asleep at night. If you are looking for a good read, you can find my book recommendations here.


This is one of my favorite ways to calm down. I will often add epsom salts to relax my muscles from my track workouts. Sitting in my bathtub with a good book and a cup of tea is an incredible way to de-stress. Of course, no bath is complete without lighting a few candles and playing some music!


On days when I have more time to relax, I will often give myself a manicure. I just think it's a lovely way to calm down while still doing something productive. It makes me look more put together, and their are so many pretty nail polish colors to choose from!


As you probably know, yoga is one of my favorite workouts and de-stressers. It is wonderful for your body, and its fun to do! Not only is it enjoyable, but you can do it practically anywhere. I especially love to do it outside, weather permitting. It's so pretty this time of year and it would be a shame to waste it! Click here to see my yoga routine.


Writing in a journal is a great way to practice writing, keep track of your life, and also relax! I have kept a journal for the past 3 years and am working on my fourth. After a long day, I can vent, write about a specific topic, or just talk about my day. I will often draw in my journal, too. It is a great practice now, and it will be nostalgic to go back when I'm older and read my entries.


Face masks are a perfect way to calm down and treat your skin to some hydration! I love using them after having a bubble bath or a nice shower. My personal favorite is the TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask in lemon/brightening. It does wonders for my skin and smells amazing!


Lastly, music is a wonderful way to relax after a long day. There are so many calming playlists on Spotify or Pandora, and you can listen to them almost anywhere. I love to listen to the Coffeehouse Playlist while taking a bath, doing homework, or even getting ready in the morning! It's a lovely blend of acoustic music to help you relax.

How do you relax? Tell me on Instagram!



Snow Flurries

This Friday night, the much anticipated snow storm hit my neck of the woods in the NC mountains. All week, my school and community were abuzz with the possibility of snowfall. December had been unusually warm, which made us all desperate for cooler weather and icy days. Waking up to a chilling and calm snowy scene on Saturday was the perfect way to begin my wintery weekend. When I wasn't frolicking through the falling snowflakes, I was curled up inside with my cat, a good book, and a cup of coffee. I had such a fun time enjoying this weather and I hope it returns once more before the season ends. 

On this brisk day, I styled my favorite green sweater with some Gap jeans and some lovely rain boots from Target. Not pictured: my seven layers of jackets, socks, and hats to shelter me from the biting wind and cold.

How did you spend your snowy weekend? Tell me on Instagram!



New Years Resolutions & Thoughts

Although 2016 offered much growth and many cherished memories, I am eager for the fresh start that the arrival of 2017 brings. The new year provides a prime opportunity to further shape myself into the person I aim to be, and I am thrilled to see where 2017 takes me. My chosen word for the year is "hustle" and my resolutions and mantras for this fresh start reflect this goal. I hope to work hard and create a smarter, healthier, and driven self that can handle anything that 2017 throws my way. Resolutions aren't fruitless, they create the chance to pursue lifelong goals, and I hope that these 7 intentions help me to hustle throughout 2017.

Every year I have the same intention regarding water- to drink more of it! Not only is water vital for your body, drinking it regularly holds many benefits like clear skin and healthy hair! Plus, you feel so much better when you're hydrated and ready to take on the day.

Although I already eat fairly healthy, I want to cut back on my consumption of processed foods. These foods often contain unneeded fats and sugars that slow me down, and eating less of these provides more energy and wellbeing.

As always, I plan to journal in the new year. Writing daily is the perfect way to get all of your thoughts and stress out rather than bottling it all up. It also functions as a great motivator. I find that if I write down my goals, I am more likely to work toward them. Seeing my intentions on paper solidifies them in my mind and helps me focus on my growth.

Procrastination is the enemy of my school life. I am constantly plagued by the piles of homework I have to complete, and letting my work load build up is not only bad for my grades, it also is bad for my mental health. This year I plan to not put my work aside and complete it as soon as possible. 

This resolution might be the hardest to hold on to, as I find it hard to make time for things like reading for pleasure. I am always tempted by technology to simply surf Instagram or Pinterest rather than reading, which provides more intellectual growth than then internet. Hopefully I will have added 12 books to my library by the end of 2017!

Since I am in track, I get a workout five times a week. However, when summer rolls around I am faced with endless Netflix binges and lazy days. I hope that I will continue to run regularly and attend yoga classes to help keep myself in shape during off seasons and the summer months!

This might seem counterintuitive (given that my word for 2017 is "hustle"), but I often find that I am beating myself up over small things and I hope to put an end to this practice in the new year. Being gentle towards myself and others will provide so much growth and many new opportunities that I can't wait to pursue.

I hope 2017 treats everyone kindly!