Sadie Jane Travels: Menasha, WI

Well, as soon as I got back from camp, I was on the road again! I had to go up to Wisconsin with my family. It was a very pretty trip, but I'm glad to be home. Here are a few pictures I took. Hope you enjoy them!

A picture on the trip up in Illinois!

Me and my floral vans!

Water at a nature reserve! They have quite a bit of lakes as well as reserves. I think it's important to watch out for our world.

We got to see some bobcats at the reserve! 

We also got to see Ship Rock, which is a glacier formation that juts into the air. Compared to the rest of flat Wisconsin, it was a nice surprise. It was also used as a  graffiti wall, as you can see.

Just a cool barn.

There were quite a bit of lakes, so there were also quite a bit if boats! It reminded me of how much I want to go to the beach!

This is another lake, but a much bigger one! It's Lake Michigan!

I'm obviously too you do to drink alchohol, but instead I got a really good Shirley Temple! Yum!

Well, I wish I had more time to enjoy the trip, but overall, it was still fun! 



How To Manage Staying Fit And Healthy!

Hello! Lately I've been trying to eat healthier and stay active, so I thought I would share my tips with you!

  • You probably have at least some junk food in your house. Lets be honest, you can't just eat it all right before you start your "health kick"! That is anything but healthy! What I recommend is giving it away to a friend or family member. If it hasn't been opened, you could possibly donate it, depending on what it is. Either way, just get rid of all that food!
  • During the summer, I am most certainly guilty of eating all day (especially when I'm bored!), so I recommend eating actual meals instead of snacks whenever you are hungry. This will help you from overeating.
  • Usually I will eat a bagel or a bowl of Frosted Flakes with a banana for breakfast, for lunch I will have some soup or leftovers from last night's dinner, and for dinner,  I eat whatever my mother is cooking! These are all fairly healthy, so you can take inspiration from what I eat if you'd like.
  • I run track in the spring, so I try to stay fit throughout the summer. But we all know how those summer resolutions usually turn out! My family has a gym membership, which is really nice because I can watch Modern Family while I run on the elliptical! If you don''t have a gym membership, you can just look around your local area for a running trail. When I don't go to the gym, I go to a running path on my town's golf course.
  • Drink water! This is so obvious, but it really works! Not only will you feel better, but you will notice that your skin is healthier and you will have less acne. 
  • My one and only health app that I have on my phone is Argus, and it really works! My mom has it, too, and we will compete to see who has taken the most steps in a day and who has eaten the healthiest. When the element of competition is added into being healthy, it makes it more fun! Look it up in the app store today.
  • Lastly, bathe daily. This is part of staying healthy, and it is very important to stay clean.

I hope your day is going well and your health kick is on track!



Duke TiP

I had the privilege of getting to go to Duke TiP Summer Studies for the last 3 weeks of July. I had so much fun! I got to stay in the college dorms at Davidson, and I got to take a college level course called Shakespearience. I loved, loved, l-o-v-e-d it! I got to meet so many amazing people, and I can't wait to see them again!

I just thought I'd share some of my photos! 

I was lucky enough to get a corner bed!

A smoothie from the local coffee shop!

Me drinking my smoothie! It was so hot that day I had to seek shade under a plant!

One of my friends did my hair! It was amazing!

For one of our group nights, we had tea and pastries while watching Clueless! We even got to keep the cup!

My usual breakfast at the cafeteria- mandarin oranges or apple sauce, grits, potato rounds (AKA tater tots), apple juice, and either hot tea or coffee with French Vanilla creamer. Breakfast was my favorite meal! 

One of my friends. She has amazing hair!

Another friend!

Yet another one of my amazing friends!

I had such an amazing time! I can't wait to see all of my friends next year! 



Hair and Body Favorites!

To go along with my previous post and the post that I did a while back (here and here), I thought I would do a hair and body post to complete the set!

My hair is naturally wavy (sort of like a beach kind of wavy), so it is often frizzy and dry. These products really help me with all of those problems and make my hair soft and shiny.

First up is my shampoo and conditioner. This stuff smells AMAZING! Not only does it do a good job of getting my hair clean without leaving it dry, it also makes it soft! You can find this here!

Next is my Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum. This stuff has come in handy more than once! It does a good job of keeping my frizzies down and tucked away! You can purchase it here.

Since I usually flatten my hair, this stuff is very useful! I am a stickler about trying to keep my hair healthy and strong, so I wouldn't dare use a flattener without this! You can buy this here.

My last hair favorite is something almost everyone has- a detangling brush! My hair can get really knotted sometimes, so this really helps! A downside is that it is $20.00 (you could get a cute necklace for that!), so I would look at Forever 21, because I got a knockoff one for 17 dollars less, and it works just as well! You can buy the real thing here, or the Forever 21 version here! Personally, I think the Forever 21 version is cuter anyway!

My first body favorite is The Body Shop's shower gels! I've tried a few scents but my current favorite is Vineyard Peach! I really want to try honey for fall, though! You can purchase this here.

I mentioned this product before, and it is still my favorite lotion! It smells marvelous, and it softens your skin! You can purchase it at good ole' Target (AKA here!).

I have a perfume and body spray for each season, and this is my summer perfume! I got it for christmas last year, and I love it!! It smells oh so good!!!! You can buy it here!

My last favorite is my summer body spray. A friend of mine gave this to me last year, and I love it! It smells so good! Plus, it transitions well into my fall body spray! You can find this here!

I hope you enjoyed this post!



My Makeup Favorites!

To go along with my previous post (here), I decided to do a post on my current makeup favorites!

My first favorite is my concealer from Maybelline. I have issues with dark circles under my eyes, and this actually does a good job of covering them! I've spend quite a while in search of the perfect concealer, and this is it! I use the color light. You can purchase it here.

My next favorite is my powder from CoverGirl. It sets my concealer very well, and helps with shine. I used the color Translucent Light, which is shown above. You can buy it here.

I've always loved the Sephora Eyelash Curler. It doesn't pinch and it makes my lashes look so much longer! You can find it here.

Lets be honest, for most of us, mascara is a life saver. I have red hair, so you can barely see my lashes! Plus, some mascara doesn't hold the curl from the eyelash curler! For me, this mascara works very well. Since it is wetter than some mascaras, it holds the curl very well. I wear the color brown blaze. You can buy it here.

I don't always wear eyeliner, but when I do, its Stila's Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown. I love it so much! It glides on well and stays on throughout the day! You can buy this item here.

I usually don't wear eyeshadow unless it is a special occasion, and even then it isn't a lot of crazy colors. Thats why I love the Benefit Luv It Up makeup kit! Not only is the eyeshadow nice, the lip gloss looks good and tastes delicious! You can find it here.

My last favorite is my Almay Color & Care Lip Balm in Cantaloupe. It is such a pretty color, and the balm is available in many more styles! You can purchase it here.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



Summer Camp: A Guide

Hey Y'all! I hope your Fourth of July was as good as mine! Tomorrow I leave for Duke TiP, which is a sleep-away summer camp. I've been to camp before, and I just thought I would give you some pointers to make it easier on those of you who are first-timers.

Tip #1: Make a packing list and stick to it! Unless you are sure you will absolutely need it, don't pack it. You will be sharing your room with other people, so don't bring so much that it will make the room look cluttered. You aren't packing for college!

Tip #2: If you can, bring snacks. I am Hypoglycemic, and I need to eat more than the regular person or else I will pass out (and we don't want that happening, do we?). I brought a lot of small foods that I could eat between the set mealtimes. Also, if you don't want to go to breakfast, you can have a granola bar and some applesauce instead.

Tip #3: You are going to be homesick. It is completely natural! I'm used to being away from home for long periods of time, and I still get homesick! Just remember that your parents are just a phone call away!

Tip #4: At first you are going to be shy. You don't have to talk to anyone within the first hour or so of camp, but eventually you will have to say hello to your roommate or roommates and the people in your class or events! Don't fret, everyone will be feeling the same thing.

Tip #5: Take lots of pictures! The three weeks will fly by and you will miss all of your buddies! You can always remember them in your mind, but having photos sure does help. Also, keep a journal! It is another great way to remember all of the fun things you did!

I hope this helped all of you out there with jitter bugs about camp!



My Summer Skincare Routine!

So, I've always wanted to have a YouTube Channel so I could post videos like hauls, room tours, or morning routines. Every time I tried to film a video, it never turned out how I wanted. But, with a blog, telling you all this information is much easier!

I feel like taking care of your skin is so important. If you have clear skin, you won't have to wear makeup to feel beautiful. Plus, if you take care of your skin in your youth, it will still look good when you are older!

First thing I do when I wake up is put in my contacts or put on my glasses. As most of you know, I am just about as blind as a bat! Then, I wash my face.

Ever since I got the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash I have LOVED it! It does wonders for my dry skin!

You can buy it here.

Then, with a cotton ball, I apply the United State Tonic from (no surprise here) Origins.

It is great for keeping my skin clear!

You can purchase this here.

My acne is not bad by any means, but when a pimple does pop up (which is a rare occurrence), my doctor gave me some creme, and it really works. Unfortunately, it is by prescription, so you can't buy it under normal circumstances. After I apply that, I use my moisturizing sunscreen from Sephora.

As I said, I have really dry skin, so having a good moisturizing sunscreen is a must for me!

You can buy it here.
I plan on doing a makeup routine, as well as a hair and body wash favorites post soon, so stay tuned!

How do you keep your skin clear?



Birthday Wishlist!

My birthday is coming up soon, so I thought I would do a little wishlist post!

First up is these Scallop-Pocket Shorts in Chambray Sailboats from J. Crew.

Aren't they adorable? I just adore the scalloped edges!

You can purchase them here.

Next up is the Kilim Print Headband from Anthropologie.

I just love summery headbands, especially when you are at the beach. Such a cute way to tame frizzies!

You can buy this here.

I am also loving the Essie Polish in Hors D'oeuvres.

I think it is perfect for late Summer and early Autumn, so I'll get a good use out of it!

You can purchase this here.

My next item is Cedar Street Maise Bag from Kate Spade.

I am in need of a bigger purse, and I just love this one!

This item can be found here.

My last item is a book that I've been wanting to read for a while.

I read a little bit of it the last time I was in Barnes and Noble and I fell in love. Plus, I need a good book to read!

You can buy this here.

Thanks for reading!