Summer Stripes

Hello loves! Now that the weather is totally swampy here in NC, lighter tops and blouses have been ruling my closet. This top from aerie (it's sold out, but you can find an equally cute alternative here) has been ruling my outfits lately! I can pair it with nearly anything, whether it be a nice denim skirt, jeans, or even shorts as I did here! The light blue and white stripes fit the season to a T- it even has nautical vibes (perfect for the beach!). I have also been adoring my jean shorts from Express. I typically have a hard time finding high waisted shorts that are long enough. On top of that, finding a comfy pair is even harder! These shorts fit the bill, though! These are my go-to bottoms for summer days. I also styled my favorite heels from Target. I had been lusting after the similar Steve Madden pair when I came across these beauties! Plus, they were way cheaper than the latter! To accessorize, I wore my favorite choker from Express. Needless to say, I certainly will be repeating this outfit all season!

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far! 


PS- These pics are actually from my Spring Break vacation in Rosemary Beach, FL. You can read all about it here! Also, I started this blog three years ago today! It's been so incredible to write for you and I'm so thankful for all of my readers. Much love for you all!!!


Gingham & Grand Slams

For as long as I can remember, my family would gather around the television and watch the Braves play baseball from our little town in NC. This year for Father's Day, we swapped our seats on the couch to seats in the stadium. We surprised my dad with tickets to today's game and we had such a blast watching our team play the Marlins. I had a wonderful time enjoying the festivities and exploring the brand new stadium. Watching the game was even better! It started out slow while neither team scored, but eventually the Braves began to rack up some points! At the top of the ninth we were tied with the Marlins, but we were able to pull ahead and win the game! It was such an amazing experience to watch the team I've admired on TV for so long in real life. The weather, though, that was another story. It was sweltering and humid, which called for a light summer outfit. I donned my favorite AEO romper (it's currently on sale!), my comfy Vans, and, of course, my Braves hat and shirt. This was the perfect look for the wonderful game day. It was truly the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day and spend time with the coolest dad around.

Happy Father's Day!



How to Dress Well on a Budget

I don't know how many times I've been surfing Pinterest and came across the cutest dress or top, only to find out the cost and file it under the "maybe someday" board. However, dressing stylishly can be accessible for any budget as long as you plan well! I have a few tips to help you find your fashion sense and purchase affordable clothes that fit your style! Lets get started, shall we...

tip one: know your style

My first (and arguably most important) tip is to know your fashion sense! Having a keen sense of your own style can help you narrow down what clothing you purchase and help save wasted money on items you won't wear. My advice would be to start a Pinterest board with outfits and pieces you love to gain some inspiration. You could even cut out pictures from magazines and collect those! Once you curate a sense of style that reflects your personality, you can begin to shop frugally. Also, that Pinterest board can help you find knockoffs of expensive items! For example, the skirt I'm wearing here was a much cheaper version of one I saw online! If you want to see how I styled it, I did a whole post on it here.

tip two: fast fashion

The entire look pictured above (minus the shoes) came from Forever 21, which is known for its low prices (and sometimes cringe-worthy looks). As fast fashion becomes more and more prevalent, stores like Forever 21 can offer adorable pieces at unbeatable prices. My tip when it comes to stores like these is to know what you are looking for. Most of the time, the quality will be very low and the pieces won't last too long. However, you can occasionally stumble upon some great pieces that hold up in the real world. I find that pieces made from simple fabrics (no silk, velvet, or bedazzled pieces) will stand the test of time. In fact, I still have a t-shirt dress from my freshman year that held up and is still adorable! Another point I would like to make about stores like Forever 21 is that they are perfect for trying out trends (if that's your thing). The cheap pieces are ideal for testing out a new look without a large monetary commitment. For staple pieces, though, I try to buy them from nicer stores so they will last longer.

tip three: thrifting and selling your old clothes

As older trends are becoming the new, thrifting has became something everyone is doing! I have found some killer pieces in my local thrift shops lately and for great prices, too. This form of shopping is not only cheap but eco-conscious as well. Thrifting reduces the amount of clothing waste put into landfills which is always a good thing! Also, thrift shopping can lead you to some unique pieces that no department store will carry. In terms of selling your old clothes, it's a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash! I have been doing this forever and it keeps my closet cleaned out and only filled with stuff I truly want to wear. I just simply pick out my older pieces that are in the best condition and give them to my local consignment store. They then sell my pieces and give me a percentage of the profit! It's a really simple and easy way to make money!

tip four: do you really want it?

My last tip for frugal fashion is to ask yourself before you purchase any piece if you really, truly love it. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy anything you don't feel beautiful in. You won't wear it and it'll be a waste of your money. If you do love it, consider the items currently in your closet and make sure that you could actually create several looks with the new piece. If so, it would be a great addition to your wardrobe!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If you did, tell me on Instagram!



Weekend Explorations

Hello, my lovely readers! Today I will be sharing a journal entry from this weekend along with some pictures I took. I had the pleasure of spending the last weekend of the school year with some of my favorite people and I couldn't help but share this little snapshot of happiness. I hope you enjoy! 

june third, twenty seventeen

Today was the best day. The air was filled with the prophesying of summer happenings and better yet- the near fruition of said plans coming true. As we trekked through the trees I saw more than just the vibrance of Mother Earth herself but rather the vibrance of life. I was surrounded by lushness and love, kisses, uncontrollable laughs, messy hair, freckles, bug bites, pure, untainted happiness. The river whisked away my worries and whispered "listen to the birds, how they sing for you". All of Earth's creatures sighed in unison. This is life- don't you dare waste a second of it.