Summer Nostalgia

Ugh. I'm not going to lie, the period between the beginning of the New Year and Spring is always dull. Whether I'm in class or just sitting at home, I can't seem to stop daydreaming about warmer weather and sunny skies. Here in North Carolina, we just got a bit of a warm spell, so the 50 and 60 degree days are giving me a taste of spring. Also, I just finished finals, so this little break has reminded me of the sweet freedom of summer. On Tuesday I decided to venture out on a little adventure in the name of summer nostalgia: my boyfriend and I went on a picnic! I remember being a little girl and my mother packing the most elaborate platters, complete with fried chicken, potato salad, and even homemade strawberry cakes. My family and I would pack up our little car (and sometimes out boat, too!) and drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway (or Lake Jocassee) to enjoy the sun-drenched day out in nature. Unfortunately, I can't live up to my mother's southern cooking (and I can't drive a boat!) so we drove over to a local park and had our little picnic by a river. It was so lovely to get outside and munch on some blackberries, sandwiches, and (my absolute favorite) blood oranges! I can't wait until the sky is forever sunlit again and I can have more blissful days like this.

peep the little moon in the last picture!!

Wishing you all a wonderful second semester (and hopefully a sunny one, too!)



Sadie Jane Travels: Washington, DC

Hello loves, and happy twenty eighteen! While its beginning has been a bit hectic with finals fast approaching, I'm happy for its arrival. Although the fresh start is welcomed, the chilling temperatures aren't. I'm currently craving a sunny spring day! Alas, that won't be happening in NC until at least March. Recently, though, I've had the worst case of wanderlust! Regardless of the cold weather, my family and I decided to venture up to Washington DC for the long weekend to visit a few colleges and enjoy the city. My dad actually spent most of his childhood wandering this city. Until recently we had family living in the area, and when he was little he would often fly up and spend his weekends visiting the museums and traipsing through the history-rich streets. Now that I'm about to take the next step of my life as a college student, I couldn't think of a more perfect place to spend the next four years. While we were up for the weekend, we visited Georgetown University! It was FREEZING COLD, but that didn't take away from the gorgeous architecture and beauty of the campus. I really fell in love with the college and will definitely be applying there later this year!

We also explored the Georgetown shopping district! I have traveled quite a bit, but this area is hands down the best shopping area I've ever visited (read about my last trip to Georgetown here). I adore the beautifully aged homes that line the streets throughout the district (perfect for pictures!) and the distinctive charm of the area. While meandering throughout the stores, we returned to perhaps my favorite place in the whole city: an art gallery called L'Enfant Gallery. Strolling through this shop is ethereal, especially for an art enthusiast like myself. The walls are lined from top to bottom with ancient art from around the world. If you ask me, the intimate setting beats any art museum! To make the experience even more incredible, there are four unique floors harboring art pieces and artifacts galore. I'm still dreaming about it now! I had such a wonderful time this weekend in the city and I hope I have the chance to call it home during my collegiate years.

outside georgetown university on a chilly day!

some pictures of the campus!

some snippets from our shopping day!

outfit details:

jumper: a&f // jeans: UO // sandals: steve madden (similar) // bandana: madewell

Thanks for reading, and I hope twenty eighteen treats you all kindly!